Trinity Bible Fellowship

Dr. Michael Roach


We must be an informed body equipped to engage the culture for Christ. We are a church on a mission. Every member is essential to its successful completion and has a vital role to play, be it on the front line, the supply line or prayer line. Every member's home or place of employment must serve as an extension of the walls of this church and as an outpost for both evangelism and illustration of God's love. Echoing the sentiment of Winston Churchill during the dark days of World War II, may this be our finest hour. The world is waiting, and the Lord is watching. Let us join together in the unity of the Spirit for the task at hand.


1350 Park Avenue

Washington PA 15301



Church Staff

Tech. Arts Team Leader:

Bruce McCrerey
Women's Ministry: June Roach

Men's Ministry: Monty Murphy
TEC Bible Study:

Prayer Teams: Ruth Shields
Sunday School: Ken Grove